Guru Bike Fit

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Guru Bike Fit 

Road  or Mountain


2-3 hours 

Precision Fit using Guru Technology 

10% Off Accessories

Advanced Bike Fit

Road or Mountain


2-3 hours

10% off Accessories

Shoes & Cleats


Includes Heat Molded Insoles

Arch Assessment

Cleat Placement 

About pedal Fit Services: 
The Fit Process and What to Know About It:
pedal uses the latest in The GURU Fit System™ technology!  We've enhanced our excellent fit staff with the amazing capabilities of the Guru Fit data and video software for analysis of body, knee and foot angles, and knee tracking.  The state-of-the-art, computer-controlled GURU Dynamic Fit Unit™ (DFU™) adjusts your riding position in real-time to maximize your comfort and efficiency. This is an interactive, real-time system that allows the rider to see the effects of positioning changes on pedal stroke and upper body posture.
All fits are by appointment only.
Please call or drop by to schedule a fit appointment 303.798.5033
  • If you'll be purchasing new shoes, pedals, saddle, etc.  Please do so prior to your fit appointment. The staff at pedal will be happy to assist you in making the proper choice for your needs.
  • A change of equipment (stem, footbeds, seatpost, etc.) may be necessary in order to optimize your needs and are NOT included in the fitting fee.
Purchase a new bike? Complimentary bike sizing with any purchase of a new bike. No appointment necessary. 
Follow Up Visits:  Follow up visits within 90 days are complimentary.  

Multiple Bikes: If you have several bikes to fit, we will offer 1/2 price on the 2nd bike within 90 days.
Guru Precision Fit:  $300 Road or Mountain & $350 Triathlon 
2-3 Hours 
By appointment:           
Flexibility Assessment & measurements of current bike coordinates
  • Up to 3 Position Captures including customer’s existing bike for comparison during bike fit.
  • Saddle Positioning/Adjustment
  • Handlebar Reach Positioning/Adjustment
  • Foot/Shoe Fit Evaluation. Proper support of foot /access alignment
  • Cleat Placement Positioning/Adjustment
  • Final Fit Output and Data Storage
  • Summary sheet with exact fit coordinates to modify new or existing bike
  • Recommendations of bikes most appropriate to your fit coordinates.            
The GURU Fit System's™ innovative 3D camera system with integrated Rider Scan™ technology seamlessly captures your anatomic data (without using manual tools) to identify the best bike to match your cycling preferences.
GURU's 3D camera system recognizes all of your body's contact points to deliver real-time body angle analysis, eliminating the need for reflective dots or equipment and creating a superior fit experience.

Advanced Fit:  $225 Road or Mountain &  $275 Triathlon 
2-3 Hours 
By appointment:    

  • Saddle Height Position/Adjustment
  • Saddle Fore and Aft Position/Adjustment
  • Assess Reach ( ie. Stem and handlebar adjustment)
  • Install Cleats and Pedals Position/Adjustment
  • Proper support of foot /access alignment

Custom Shoe Insoles & Cleat Adjustment: $90
30 Minutes 

  • Cleat Placement 
  • Arch Assessment
  • Heat Molded Custom Insoles