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Pedal Bike Fit

Ride Bikes. Be Happy. Be Comfortable. 

About pedal Fit Services: 
The Fit Process and What to Know About It

All fits are by appointment only.
Please call 303.798.5033 or email 
  • If you'll be purchasing new shoes, pedals, saddle, etc.  Please do so prior to your fit appointment. The staff at pedal will be happy to assist you in making the proper choice for your needs.
  • A change of equipment (stem, footbeds, seatpost, etc.) may be necessary in order to optimize your needs. Not all component changes are covered by our fitting fee and additional labor charges may apply. The Pedal team can provide a list of what is and is not included in the fitting fee. 
  • Please bring all equipment with you to your fit appointment. Come prepared as if you were going on a ride. This included riding attire, shoes, water...etc. This will allow the fitter to mimic your position on the bike as accurately as possible. 
Purchase a new bike? Complimentary bike sizing with any purchase of a new bike. No appointment necessary. 
Advanced Fit:  $195 Road or Mountain &  $225 TT Bike
1-1.5 Hours 
  • Complete Rider Assessment and Questionnaire 
  • Saddle Assessment 
  • Saddle Height Position/Adjustment
  • Saddle Fore and Aft Position/Adjustment
  • Assess Reach ( ie. Stem and handlebar adjustment)
  • Assess Saddle to Bar Drop
  • Cleat and Pedal Position/Adjustment
  • Proper Knee Alignment