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THE Moots Experience

Experience a Moots

Born in the mountains of Colorado, Moots is an iconic brand with bikes who's reputation precede them. At pedal we know buying one of these works of art can be a leap of faith as well as an intimidating process. 

We are here to make that process easier, provide a best-in-class experience, and give you the opportunity to feel the difference before jumping all-in.

Click here to arrange a test ride or 1:1 meeting

Our Process 

Here is exactly what you need to know to get your dream build rolling. Remember, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

1) Express Interest/Book a Ride

It can be a big leap of faith to order a bike without riding it. We have sizes in most gravel bikes and some road bikes available for a test ride. Clicking the link below will allow you to register your interest in a Moots and a pedal employee will contact you to set up a personalized time to ride and shop! 

2) Come Ride/Shop/Finalize Build

If you have booked a test ride, we will happily set your saddle height either based off of your current bike or through a simple assessment. As you ride, we will make adjustments necessary to ensure a comfortable fit. 

If you would like an in-depth bike fit prior to ordering your bike, we will be happy to spend time assessing fit on either your current bike or on one of our in stock Moots. A bike fit is included in all Moots orders, however if the fit is done prior to the order a fit fee will be assessed and then refunded/credited toward your final bill at bike delivery.

3) New Bike Day!

Most orders will be delivered within 4-8 weeks. Once your bike arrives, it will be assembled by our highly skilled technicians within 48hrs. We will apply all fit measurements to the bike prior to pickup and complete two rounds of pre-delivery quality inspections. 

If you have chosen to do your free fit at delivery, we will set up a time to conduct your fit and deliver your bike all on the same day!

4) Join the Moots Community

Welcome to the club! With events like the Ranch Rally and SBT Grvl in Steamboat, the party is just getting started when you receive your bike. We will keep you in the loop with exclusive opportunities to participate in group rides, check out the factory, and share the stoke! 

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